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The latest way to study at the world's top universities

ODEM.IO ICO - Cara Terbaru Menempuh Pendidikan di Universitas Top Dunia

The latest way to study at the world's top universities
Some students who are educated at the university feel that the knowledge gained does not match expectations. The latest way of studying in the world's top universities has always been what students are looking for. Students who have a very high curiosity, always trying to enjoy college at top universities like Hardvard, Oxford, and so forth. But the obstacles faced by these students are, the university can not accept too many students, so forced millions of students in the world can only study at the local campus only. is the solution is a decentralized marketplace where educators from the world's top universities offer science and students purchase the knowledge. On the platform, anyone can register and publish unique educational books at a sensible price. In my opinion, this market will grow rapidly, because the educational needs of creative students in the world certainly not enough if only rely on local education. Plus, educators exist in the ecosystem is an expert educator in a particular field and some of them are from top global universities. implements blockchain technology to ensure that the ODEM platform is decentralized. Simply put, blockchain is a technology that can record and store data on publicly distributed ledgers. Data data stored on the blockchain, can not be changed by anyone, the funds will last forever. Blockchain technology is also applied to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies that serve to record the details of a transaction, including address, time, amount, and all of it can be monitored by the public. Blockchain technology is very useful to avoid the practice of fraud including corruption.

Ecosystems At

In a marketplace, must have an ecosystem involved in it. Here are some of the subjects involved in transactions taking place in

ODEM Platform

The ODEM platform will act as a balance regulator and apply certain parameters or criteria, as well as a platform for ecosystems to interact with each other. The ODEM platform plays an important role, as the ODEM Platform should continue to monitor the development of interactions that occur in ecosystems including transacting with Smart contracts.


Students  are those who need higher levels of educational services. This student is a buyer of services available in the marketplace. These services may be curriculum, lecture or course. Then for students who buy the curriculum, the student must send the results from the curriculum to the educator at ODEM. All types of payments made by students, will be easier because it uses ODEM Wallett


The educator is someone who has more free time to share his knowledge throughout the world. Most of these educators are lecturers or professors from the top universities in the world. So the interest of students will be higher if you know the specifications of educators in the ODEM marketplace. The task of the educator is to send the material needed by the students, it can be a course, curriculum and lecture. In addition, educators should also participate in curriculum bidding on ODEM. As a gift, an educator will get paid through ODEM Wallet.

ODEM Wallet and Crypto Exchange

ODEM Wallet is a wallet used by students and educators to save their money in order to facilitate transactions on the ODEM marketplace. The ease and flexibility of withdrawal will make the transactions experience more convenient. Shipping charges will not be charged to senders or recipients, or completely FREE. Also transaction security will be secured by Smart Contract implementation.

ODEM Token Sale

Token Sale is a method used by a platform for fundraising purposes by offering new tokens to the public, especially the cryptocurrency community. ODEM Token Sale requires investors to equip KYC (Know Your Customer) to complete data data by uploading documents such as ID Card, Dirver License or Passport.

For investors participating in ODEM Token Sale will have some advantages, which will be hastened to become members of the ODEM community, receive special discounts to enjoy the services provided by the ODEM platform and to sponsor students and educators, by reducing the burden of costs borne by both parties.

Some information about ODEM Token Sale

  • ODEM Token Sale Start: February 17, 2018
  • ODEM Token Sale End: March 19, 2018
  • Token Maker: ODEM SA
  • Token Symbol: ODEM
  • Maximum Supply: 396,969,697
  • Allocation of Token Sale & Pre Sale: 238,200,000
  • Token Type: ERC20 - Ethereum Blockchain
  • Accept: Ethereum
  • AML / KYC Requirements: Yes
  • ODEM Token Sale Price: 0.05 EUR equivalent in Ethereum
  • Country: Switzerland


ODEM is not a learning institution, but a marketplace that adapts to the needs of students as well as the ability of an educator to exchange information. ODEM is perfect for an active student and wants to continue to grow to the true world education standard.

Thanks to the blockchain that has helped make the ODEM platform more transparent and secure.

ODEM Token Sale Teams

ODEM.IO ICO - Cara Terbaru Menempuh Pendidikan di Universitas Top Dunia

ODEM.IO ICO - Cara Terbaru Menempuh Pendidikan di Universitas Top Dunia

ODEM.IO ICO - Cara Terbaru Menempuh Pendidikan di Universitas Top Dunia

Roadmap ODEM Project 

ODEM.IO ICO - Cara Terbaru Menempuh Pendidikan di Universitas Top Dunia

ODEM Token Sale Links

Note : Im not the part of teams or developers, if you want to ask something, feel free to join on telegram discussion.

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