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EQUI Connect Investors and Innovators in one platform

Investing is the best way for someone to be able to earn money in a slightly cooler way. Investment requires thinking and a mature experience in business. In the digital era like today, very much the ease that can be done by an investor with small funds to be able to learn to invest. We can all learn about projects and investment opportunities with small funds to minimize risk.

What is EQUI?

EQUI is a platform that connects professional investors or beginner individual investors with the owners of creative ideas who want to innovate develop a project. Funding from investors is very important and useful for innovation owners. By using EQUI Token, everyone can help, participate, contribute and cooperate with each other through the EQUI platform. So all the work will be simpler and easier to be accessed by anyone. Investors and innovators will know where they should be when they want to do their activities, ie investing and finding supporters.
The background of the EQUI project is Venture Capital and Blockchain. Venture Capital is a formation of a financial system to establish a platform by working on projects that are still in seed stage, early stage or can also develop. EQUI will provide project information that has the best potential to be a useful project in the future. An individual, professional or institutional team can also contribute to investment activities through EQUI using EQUI Tokens. Venture Capital is the cornerstone of all activities that exist in a project. Initial capital should be used effectively by teams and developers so that the platform can run as planned in the roadmap.
EQUI implements blockchain technology on its platform. Blockchain is a contemporary technology that allows users to store data in a distributed book. The ledger in question is the storage space of this blockchain technology, can store digital data data for safekeeping. While distributed means, all data can be accessed publicly, and the public will be given valid data as stored in blockchain. The coolest nature of blockchain in my opinion is transparency and immutable data. All transactions will be tracked directly by the user and all existing data will be associated with other data. All elements of the ecosystem, nor can they alter the data stored on the blockchain in secret.
In my personal opinion, the EQUI platform will make it easy for all investors to find projects that match their parameters. Investors incorporated in the EQUI ecosystem will be easier to pick and eliminate projects, based on their individual tastes. As for innovators, they now have a place where they can offer an idea that has good potential. Innovators are also entitled to attract the attention of investors to be able to work together to build a project.


EQUI Token is a utility token that can be used by the owner to enjoy the platform when it stands or it can be used for investment purposes on projects available on the EQUI platform. Proposition from EQUI will bring the investment system to be more modern and cool. An investor becomes easier in controlling their investment funds. All available projects will be evaluated by a team from EQUI. For those who qualify, then the project will be available, and for those who have not qualified it will be rejected.
All tokenholder will get a profit share of ROI of 75% while the EQUI platform will take part as much as 25%. Here is the structure in the form of his drawings

EQUI Token and Token Sale Information

EQUI Token is a token utility which is an internal token officially released by the EQUI platform for purposes as a means of payment to invest on projects provided by the EQUI platform. Token Sale is a fundraising event conducted by a platform for the purpose of forming a platform and completing project design. EQUI Token Sale provides an opportunity for cryptocurrency communities who want to support EQUI project to be formed.
Informasi token sale dari EQUI yang bisa saya dapatkan adalah sebagai berikut
  • Token Symbol : EQUItoken
  • Token Price : 1 EQUI = 0.5 USD + bonus
  • Minimal kontribusi : 100 USD
  • Periode Token Sale : 8 Maret 2018 – 31 Maret 2018
  • Alokasi untuk Token Sale : 65% dari total supply (162,500,000 EQUI)
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • Token Type : ERC20

This is not investment advise. I just describe about EQUI by my opinion.

Tim di balik project EQUI

Doug Barrowman
Lead Founder

Michelle Mone

Tim Eve
Investment Director

Mark Lyons
Investment Director

Luke Webster
Investment Director & Compliance

Andrew Barrowman
Investment Manager

Andrei Karpushonak
Head of Development

Nerys Roberts
Marketing Director

Nicholas Graham
Head of Customer Services

Sim Singh-Landa
Project Manager

Anthony Page

  • Mark Pearson
  • Morten Tonneson
  • Jonas Karlberg
  • Duncan Cameron
  • John Caldwell


September, 2017
Whitepaper preparation. ICO preparation. Team formation. Terms & conditions.

October, 2017
Regulatory & compliance set up. Platform development
preparation. Platform mock-ups. Website design.

November, 2017
Platform development started. Back office system. User registration set up. EQUItoken code completed. EQUIcredit scheme. EQUIwallet creation.

December, 2017
Platform development. Back office system. Front end platform
functionality. ICO website beta testing started. ICO smart contract. Security audit.

January-February, 2018
Security audit (2). ICO announcement. Promotional activities.

March-April, 2018
Pre ICO (1 – 8 Mar). ICO starts (8 Mar). ICO closes (31 Mar). EQUItoken distribution (5 Apr). User registration. Deposit/withdrawal of funds.

Q2, 2018 (Phase1)
Platform beta – launched for testing. Platform launch. Investment projects added to platform.

Q2, 2018 (Phase2)
Integrate new crypto deposit methods. Integrate fiat deposits. Integrate PSD2 protocol to link EQUI platform with bank accounts. Start exchange discussions.

Q3, 2018
Native platform application for android and iOS. Potential integration with crypto exchanges. Secondary market project

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