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Earn Money from GymRewards with a Healthy Way of Living

Technology has spoiled people's lives in socializing and activities. Humans no longer need to do things that make you tired to do something. Simply use modern technology, then the work will be finished. The result is that people become less mobile and never even exercise, so hospitals are full of sick people. People are now more preoccupied with their respective gadgets and forget about health. They do not have a strong motivation to maintain health.

Memperkenalkan GYMRewards

GYMRewards is a blockchain-based project that enables one to earn rewards by doing exercises or sports. By using Smart Contract, and some geolocation technologies that allow the platform to directly monitor its users in performing the task. A user must bring their Smartphone and GYM Rewards application in a mission. The ultimate goal of the GYM Rewards platform is to motivate all walks of life to be able to live healthy and happy for sports. GYM Rewards provides incentive motivation for its users who are diligent in doing sports. Someone who cares about his health will be compensated in the form of tokens that can be redeemed into ETH or BTC.
GYM Rewards will be a decentralized Proof of Excercise platform that enables one to get rewards using each user's body. Mobile apps have been prepared by the GYM Rewards platform to make it easy for users to access the platform anytime and anywhere.
GYM Rewards adopts Smart Contract technology from Ethereum blockchain to help execute a command based on the requirements that have been met. Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger that allows everyone to access data stored on blockchain directly via the internet. With the existence of blockchain technology, all systems connected with blockchain will become more transparent and secure. One can not change the data that has been stored in the blockchain in secret. This is the advantage of implementing blockchain technology rather than using human labor.

Use of GYM Rewards

GYM Rewards application can be used in some activities inside and outside the home. Users only need to activate applications from their respective Smart Phones, then run a mission to be able to earn earnings.

GYM Rewards in your own GYM

This is a very easy thing to do. A person can get health and earn money in one job at your own GYM locale. You just need to download the application on your Smart Phone, then the application can instantly detect the speed and intensity of the heartbeat. Get paid after completing multiple missions.

GYM Rewards at the Athletics Event

Someone who holds an event related to athletics, they can get paid extra by submitting an event to the GYM Rewards platform. You must submit to the website of GYM Rewards for approval. Promote your GYM Rewards, then instruct the participants to download the application via QR Code that contains the refferal code from you. Then earn 0.5% of all participant's earnings.

GYM Rewards at your Local GYM

You can submit your Local GYM to GYM Rewards resemi website, then get QR Code in the form of refferal code. After that, use the QR Code to download the app for all your Local GYM members, thus, you will get 0.5% of the revenue earned by your members.
GYM Rewards App
By using the GYM Rewards application one will easily do a detailed tracking of their respective accounts. In GYM Rewards application there is also a wallet cryptocurrency that can be used to check the balance of a user's income. In addition, users can also monitor their respective heart rate rate and exercise activity log.
Here is the look of GYM Rewards app on iOS phones.

GYM Token and Token Sale Information

GYM Token is a token that will be awarded to all users who diligently do the exercises. The purpose of GYM Token for sale is to raise funds to build and develop the GYM Rewards platform. Some information that you can note if you want to contribute in the GYM Rewards Token Sale event is as follows
  • Token Symbol : GYM
  • Price : 0.0001 ETH / GYM
  • Accepting : ETH
  • Minimum Investment : 0.1 ETH
  • Softcap : 100 ETH
  • Hardcap : 15,000 ETH
  • Token For Sale : 1,000,000,000 GYM
  • Restricted Areas : USA


GYM Rewards has the goal to provide awareness to the public, that health is very important. By providing motivation to all levels of society, to sport, will be the best mission for a decentralized platform. With the help of blockchain, the transaction system becomes more transparent and secure.

The team behind the GYM Rewards Project


December, 2017
Carmelo and Jose brainstormed on how we could introduce a man powered blockchain and mass adoption to support it. GYM Rewards was born.
Proof of Concept
App proof of concept developed. Blockchain Integration tested.
Ron Palmer Joined as an Advisor
Ron Palmer Joined as an Advisor, we are happy to have him in our team, his experience in technology improvements is essential.

February, 2018
We have had great luck leveraging our connections. We are sealing a few great partnerships. Will announce soon.
Carroll Moon joined the team as an advisor.
Carroll Moon joined the team as an advisor. We are very excited to have him onboard! Carroll is also the Co-Founder and President at KidFit (non-profit)
Beginning of Airdrop
Beginning of Airdrop. 2% has been allocated to bounties and the Airdrop. Join our telegram for more information. https://t.me/gymrewards.

March, 2018
Whitelist Token Distribution
We will distribute the first tokens privately to those who register to our whitelist. There are special privileges for these members.

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