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Anti-counterfeiting and Securing Copyright with StopTheFakes

Society now does not care about Copyright. The bad guys are very strong in the conduct of content piracy in order to reap personal benefits. They are not aware, that this kind of action is what causes an artist and a producer to be unable to grow in the economic field. Artist earnings are reduced because hijackers who sell songs, movies, logos or anything similar are much cheaper. Bands, producers, designers and other artists can not do much, because mass piracy is happening. Their income is drastically reduced and some even do not benefit at all, because when a new song is released, the next day the hijackers are in action.

StopTheFakes ICO

StopTheFakes will be the solution to the ongoing problems of content piracy and counterfeiting. StopTheFakes is a decentralized platform that aims to detect forgery and infringement of intellectual property rights, created on the platform of the Ethereum smart contract. ICO's StopTheFakes platform will allow people to hunt for illegal content, then people will be rewarded for the efforts they make. With the presence of this StopTheFakes platform, it is expected that all artists such as designers, bands and creators can enjoy more income. As well as reciprocity for the community is, the public will get a service or original product so that the quality for the product is assured of its authenticity.

Blockchain is a technology that is believed to be a solution for all industries in government in all sectors, especially in the financial sector, because it has facilities that are really needed for the future. Blockchain technology on StopTheFakes ICO will be implemented with Open Source License and used to store information data and track the transaction path of an original product. Smart Contract from Ethereum Blockchain is also used to make payments to someone who contributes to the platform and is also used to create utility Tokens. With Blockchain technology, all types of transactions will be recorded in a ledger or journal, and they can not be changed by anyone forever. So, data forgery will not be done and original goods will be more clearly visible groove hand movement.

ICO is a public invitation to buy a new token that will have specific utilities for a particular platform. Another option as well as to form the liquidity of a coin or token is that the tokens can be transacted to a Major Cryptocurrency Exchanger, such as Bitfinex, Bittrex, Cryptopia, Binance and so on. Project StopTheFakes ICO has its own token, which one is required to use this token as a means of payment for a service provided by the StopTheFakes platform. Token issued for remuneration by consumers. Some of the information I can get about StopTheFakes ICO is as follows:
  • Total Supply: 29,000,000 STFCoin
  • Token Symbol: STFCoin
  • Currency Received: ETH (Ethereum) and BTC (Bitcoin)
  • Rate Price: 1 ETH = 502 STFCoins
  • Minimum Transaction: 0.1 ETH or 0.01 BTC

StopTheFakes Pre-ICO

  • Start Date: January 21, 2018
  • End Date: February 21, 2018
  • Token available: 1,305,000 STFCoin

StopTheFakes ICO

  • Start Date: March 21, 2018
  • End Date: 21 April 2018
  • Token available: 20,271,000 STFCoin

All funds accumulated from StopTheFakes Pre-ICO and StopTheFakes ICO programs will be used for the infrastructure and operational benefits of the StopTheFakes platform. Buying a STFCoin Token is not a form of investment, but it can be said that the person who purchased the STFCoin token is the same as he or she is ordering a service provided by the upcoming StopTheFakes. I am also not an expert in the field of cryptocurrency, so do not make an investment decision based on this article. All your actions are your absolute decision and I am not responsible for anything that happens on your actions.

The benefits of ICO StopTheFakes

By participating in ICO StopTheFakes, it is just as well that you support all the goals and missions of the StopTheFakes Platform, and here are some benefits that can be felt by the community if the StopTheFakes platform is established.

Benefits To Copyright Holder

The StopTheFakes platform will maximize the role of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in regulating copyright regulatory standards. The StopTheFakes platform will minimize the costs incurred by the copyright holder to seek infringement. The platform will work with freelancers, so the StopTheFakes platform will be like a platform that informs copyright infringement that can be accessed by everyone including the copyright holder.

They will be able to detect and stop the sale of counterfeit goods quickly. They will be given a violation map that allows them to improve their marketing policies. The cost of false detection and documentation will be much lower for them than before, resulting in the eradication of these violations completely completed or at least a considerable reduction in densely populated areas. After knowing the root of the problem, the next step will be done by the copyright holder to report the alleged offender to the authorities.

Benefits To Consumer

The most beneficial impact when a copyright holder gets his or her right, then the company will be free to clean up, improve their services or products because they are financially driven by the community.

People who buy goods, view photos and videos and play games every day will get licensed content at a lower cost. Product quality will increase, as it will be easier for trademarks to protect themselves against the misuse of their products and counterfeit goods. Consumers will buy their products without doubting the quality or effect on health

Benefits To Government

Government participation in combating infringement of copyright standards will be lighter. Though we know, pahwa every activity concerned with the government, it will take some funds that are not small. With the establishment of StopTheFakes platform, then the government will be helped by the participation of the community in combating copyright infringement. In addition, funds allocated for these purposes can also be diverted for the benefit of others.


Piracy and counterfeiting are illegal acts that are strongly criticized by all circles. Probably not a direct result, but the impact of piracy and counterfeiting will have long-term effects of stunting an artist from working again, because there is no passion and excitement.

Society must be aware, that making a work is not easy. We must also be able to appreciate the effort of the makers of an art or product by eradicating content piracy. When their work is appreciated, then they will be more active to pamper the community.

By participating in supporting the StopTheFakes platform, it's just as well that we support a change in piracy and counterfeiting cases. And as I explained above, that everyone will be able to experience benefits that have never existed before.

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