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RepuX is the Solution for Decure Data Exchange

RepuX is the Solution for Decure Data Exchange

Growth and development of the internet cause the community was forced to adopt technology and the Internet in everyday life. From productive to consumptive, everyone uses the internet as a necessity of their lives. Interaction on the website page is a common thing and become their daily life. The public is happy to enter their name, address, mobile number, age, occupation, date of birth and other data data on the available form. And the data collectors, store this data as their digital assets. Lack of management for data owned by small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, making the data data almost useless. So, the data collectors of this type, think like garbage. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) need a solution for their data to be more useful.

Introducing RepuX

RepuX is a platform that enables Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to benefit from sharing data to technology developers. By using RepuX, a data collector, application developer and data user can redeem their data in available marketplaces. All data of immutable and protected data may be exchanged to other agencies to obtain RPX Token which is the official token of the RepuX Platform. By using some blockchain technology it is certain that the transaction data going on within the RepuX platform will be safer and anonymous. IPFS, Sia, Ethereum will be implemented on the RepuX platform as a decentralized data exchange support technology.
RepuX is Decentralized means that all transactions that occur will be more transparent and accessible publicly. No centralized agency can hide detailed details of existing transaction information. Thanks to some blockchain technologies that have helped to realize a truly decentralized system.
Blockchain is a distributed ledger where everybody in the world can see data stored in blockchain, which contains information about information. Blockchain is perfect for adoption in the financial system of an agency or government, because with Blockchain, all financial transactions will be recorded in detail and the information is immutable. Blockchain can be likened to a distributed ledger where data stored on a blockchain can not be changed easily.

Smart Contract Implementation

The crisis of confidence experienced by business people, often makes some people feel worried about the fraud that has occurred. Usually people are looking for a way to get the most secure method of doing transactions, for example using escrow. However, the current use of escrow, is very unfavorable. Some possibilities can still occur if there is no sense of vigilance between business people.
With Smart Contract, everyone who wants to transact through the RepuX platform can easily gain trust without having to recognize their business opponents. Bitcoin is present carrying blockchain technology. Then, a few years later, Ethereum developed this Blockchain technology to become a Smart Contract. Ethereum network is always in demand by investors because the features offered more complete and can be utilized by communities and individuals, as well as small institutions and large.
Smart Contract work system, which executes a command if some predefined conditions are met. The execution process will run automatically, so that Smart Contract users will be easier in operation. In addition, blockchain technology embedded in the Smart Contract service, making transaction data data will be recorded and stored on Ethereum Blockchain.

Usage Big Data RepuX

In today's era of globalization, valuable goods are no longer gold or minerals, but data are the most valuable currency source. Like Google, Facebook and Amazon are the current internet rulers, and they are great business databases. The owners of these three companies also become the ranks of 10 richest people in the world.
RepuX comes with monetizing data circulating on Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs), and bringing together data owned by data collectors with application developers. Some of the data functions that can be used by utilizing the RepuX platform are as follows


Advertising is a means of marketing a product to offer products and services or give orders to an audience to do something. With the data available, the ad target will be more accurate, effective and efficient. Ads can be used as a means of payment for free apps, so users do not need to spend money to enjoy the applications provided.

Online Content

In doing work such as designing, editing photos, editing documents or anything that might be someone's expertise, is a very good data. For example you can use Adobe Photoshop to edit photos, have you ever thought that the history of your step to do the editing can be useful for someone?
RepuX makes it easy for people to monetize data to be used by people in need. So create a harmonious ecosystem and all the data sharing that happens more useful.

E-Commerce and International Exchange

E-Commerce without the worry of fraud is a facility ideal for the online business. RepuX allows a transaction to be more secure using blockchain, Smart Contract and Escrow if needed. With the speed of transactions in seconds and low transaction costs, of course, will make it easier for someone to exchange data.

Official Token and Token Sale Information

To add ease in accessing content internally, RepuX releases an official token. This Token, can be used to enjoy the services provided by the RepuX platform and can also be exchanged with ETH or BTC when entering the exchanger. TokenSale is a fundraising event conducted by teams from related platforms to raise capital in shaping or growing a platform by selling utility tokens.

Some information on RepuX Token Sale is as follows
Parameter  Information
Token Symbol  RPX
Limited Supply 1,000,000,000 RPX
Platform Ethereum ERC20
Price (Pre-ICO) 0.10 USD
Price (ICO) 0.20 USD
Pre ICO Period 17 Nov 2017 - 5 March 2018
Accepted BTC, ETH, FIAT
Softcap 1,000,000 USD (already reached)
Hardcap 33,000,000 USD
Contribution Page https://repux.io/

Team Behind the RepuX Project

The team is the most important component of a project. The team is in control of which direction a project or company will take. As a small example, a team led by Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos might be easier in achieving success. Because we know that Bill Gates has been successful with Microsoft and managed to become the richest man in the world for several years. And Jeff Bezos has also become the richest man in the world today with his Amazon.
RepuX is supported by the best team experienced in the world of data sharing, marketplace and cryptocurrency.


Marketplace for distributed data on Small and Medium Enterprises received less attention. In fact, the potential market that can be formed very good. With RepuX, all data markets will be covered and no waste is wasted. Because data is a valuable asset that can be used to control marketing strategies effectively and efficiently.

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