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Organize Whatever Event You want With KickCity

Everyone who wants to hold an event, is eager for some audiences to join and share. The absence of a governing body for marketing strategies for such events, causes all event organizing committees to find it difficult to find audiences or audiences relevant to the theme of the event. Marketing strategy by relying on centralized companies like Facebook and Google, can not be relied upon anymore. Because, the target audience is not very accurate if an event is offered on a platform on the internet.

KickCity The solution

KickCity is a marketing platform by relying on viral strategies as a primary weapon to get audiences or guests in an event. Everyone can participate in helping distribute events that work with KickCity, then they are rewarded as incentives for their work. The number of unlimited supporters, allowing the number of targets to reach at its maximum. All supporters who contribute to promoting events that will take place will be rewarded with official tokens from the KickCity platform.
A platform that wants to hold events or events, just need to determine the amount of budget they want to allocate for marketing purposes. The total allocation will be made as the main pool that will be contested by some participants. The tasks assigned to participants may vary by expertise. For example, there is someone who has a great community about automotive, then events with automotive and machine themes are perfect for that person. Contribute to their assistance in spreading the news, will be rewarded with tokens that can be redeemed into ETH or BTC or maybe FIAT money. All activities that occur, can use the help Ethereum blockchain, the Smart Contract. Which is the work system of Smart Contract is very sophisticated. A command will be executed automatically when the specified requirements are met.
Thanks to today's technology, Blockchain, which has facilitated the performance of the system implemented by KickCity. Implementation of blockchain technology, enabling the financial circulatory system to be fully decentralized. KickCity allows everyone to access the details of money circulation and introduce to the public the true sense of transparency with Blockchain. Blockchain itself, can be likened to a ledger that has data transaction data that is permanent and immutable. Everyone can only see the transaction data in detail, but can not change it easily. Because the chain is one with the other, connected.

KickCity in detail

To apply some features and perfect services, KickCity will use some important elements to create convenience and convenience for KickCity users. Here is the content of the KickCity platform

Artificial Intellegence

Adoption of Artificial Intellegence or AI, allows KickCity to display user-generated content. With AI, the running system will be more accurate in performing command commands. AI also facilitate KickCity to know in detail the activities of users in working together to build trust through social media marketing. With AI, the KickCity platform can also minimize errors made by humans.

Mobile App and Website

Smart Phone users are very much, making the Smart Phone market user is a mandatory market for the dive. Even Indonesia, entered as the top 10 in the category of State with the highest Smart Phone User in the world. Now SmarPhone becomes a basic need of someone, as a supporter of everyday life.
KickCity provides Apps that can be accessed by Android and iOS users. Please visit for Android users to download the KickCity App and for you iOS users please download here

And for those of you who want to access KickCity platform via desktop computer to get more information about KickCity, you can visit 
Product Features offered by KickCity
  • Vendor Admin Panel
  • Analytics & Sales report
  • Registration
  • Widget for websites
  • FIAT & Bitcoin ticket processing
  • Event Page & Social APP
  • User Profile
  • Likes
  • Attendee List
  • Event Description and Contact
  • Event Video
  • Event Comment
  • Event Chat & Comment

Use of Blockchain

To become a decentralized platform, the implementation of Blockchain as a technology is very important. With the help of Blockchain, all financial transactions and data exchange will occur transparently and completely transparently. No fraud, no corruption, no cheats and nothing to hide.

Official Token and Token Sale Information

KickCity issues an official token as the primary internal currency that can be used as a means of payment. One can use the KCY token as a reward for marketing participants. While Token Sale is an event where a platform seeks support from the public or community cryptocurrency to raise funds through the sale of utility tokens. KickCity held a Token Sale event to get capital to grow the KickCity platform or refine this platform.

Here is KickCity Token Sale information that you can note:
Token Symbol : KCY
Total Suply : 250,000,000 KCY
160,000,000 KCY 160,000,000 KCY
Price 0.1 USD
Token Sale Period March, 01 2018 - March,31 2018
Accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum
Target 12,500,000 USD
Bonus Available
Minimum Purchase 50 USD
Contribution Page
Unsold Token will be burned!


Platforms that focus on Event Organizer are very rare. In fact, an event organizer has a large enough market. With the launch of KickCity, it is believed that all events that work with KickCity will be helpful and can run easily. KickCity will be the only event organizer that adopts blockchain technology as its flagship technology.

The team behind KickCity


  • Q4 2016 — KickCity App initial release
  • Q2 2017 — KickCity Event platform + initial revenue
  • Q3 2017 — Blockchain development and KickCity protocols
  • Q4 2017 — KickCity Protocol Demo and Use cases
  • Q1 2018 — Crowdsale “TGE” February 1st
  • Q3 2018 — More uses cases, More development, release of protocol API
  • Q4 2018 — Unicorn growth.

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