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CellBlocks Improve the Economic System of Prisoners in Prison

CellBlocks Improve the Economic System of Prisoners in Prison

The traditional financial system still in place in some prisons in the US caused some detained inmates to feel less secure. There is no transparency between power holders and prisoners, causing families of inmates to incur some additional costs which we do not know where the money is used. The case of theft of money in custody often occurs, causing the prisoners to bear the loss and very rarely even there is no possibility of their money will be returned. This economic system requires a revolution to be fair and transparent in order to prevent the occurrence of current cheating fraud.

Introducing CellBlocks : The Solutions

CellBlocks is an alternative that can be used to replace the financial system in transactions that occur inside the prison, especially the inmates. CellBlocks enables prisoners to know their funds without being hidden by a centralized party. The token system is used in a transaction or financial system by inmates to increase trust with each other. In addition, with the implementation of blockchain, administrators can monitor directly against transactions that occur among prisoners in prison. This will make it easier for the government to know what the prisoners are doing in prison.

Internet progress, of course, can be utilized for the benefit of the prison system. One of them is the existence of e-Money or digital currency that allows a person to be able to conduct transactions over the internet. Wallet is used also of course could be a virtual wallet with a key or private key, which is sensitive data can be stored in secret by the user.

Blockchain is a technology that allows all transactions to be publicly accessible. Blockchain technology can be described as a distributed ledger that contains valid, immutable and permanent data. Everyone can only see the details of existing data, without any ability to change the data clandestinely. Details of transactions that can be monitored in the form of time, amount of funds, sender address and beneficiary address.

Interesting feature of CellBlocks

As a pioneer of transaction revolution on the financial system inside the prison, CellBlocks comes with several features that all users can take advantage of. Among others are as follows : 

Low Transaction Fees

In the current transaction system, a prisoner and related family, must pay a fee or higher transaction fee to a third party. This is certainly an advantage for third parties and harmful to the family and inmates.
With CellBlocks, a user can pay a fee or transaction fee cheaper than usual. A person is only charged a few cents for every transaction that occurs. CellBlocks run automatically, there will be no maintenance that interfere with the transactions of its users. That way, the admin from the prison does not need to monitor directly against transactions that occur.

Accurate Transaction Records

With blockchain technology, transactions that occur between inmates with each other will be accurately tracked based on existing data on the blockchain. All fund flows will be publicly accessible with reliable data validity. This transparency is very beneficial for everyone who needs accurate data about transactions that take place inside the prison. When a transaction occurs, then the history record data will be stored on the blockchain and each mask sender and receiver wallet.
Thanks to blockchain, which makes the financial system simpler and full of benefits for users.

Wallet ID for Inmates

Normally, the normal adress for a wallet contains random letters that are difficult to recognize, so managers find it difficult to differentiate the ownership status of one inmate wallet with another inmate wallet.
CellBlocks makes it easier for agencies or managers to distinguish one inmate's wallet by using IDs and easily recognizable code on each wallet address prefix. An example is 7807SQSP7uHyjj09YtrXL72xxxxx. Number 7807 can be used as the initials of an inmate's number, then SQSP can be used as the initials of the prison code and the code behind it is the wallet address code used to send and receive funds.

Giving Back Control to Prisoners

Full control is in the hands of inmates, with transparency that can be accountable, then all payments will be more easily monitored by the government. Transaction transactions can be a fee payment to the administrator or local manager. With blockchain, all inmates can also receive funds and send funds at the speed of transactions in seconds.
With this all-digital financial system, users can improve the accuracy of their remittances as well as keep their funds within a specified time. Users only need to secure their private key from other users to control the funds they save.


CellBlocks is a transaction revolution in the outdated financial system used in today's prisons. With the CellBlocks, one will get the benefits that can save their money and the flow of funds can be monitored publicly. Government control over the existing financial system in prisons will become more transparent. Any transaction action will be easier on the monitor with the adoption of CellBlocks in every prison in the US.

CellBlocks Official Token and ICO Information

CellBlocks issues a CLBK token as an official coin that can be used as a payment tool to transact on the CellBlocks platform. The limited supply, scarcity and of course as the project grows, the market demand for coins is increasing. To get CLBK Token, you can contribute as a supporter in the project by following the ICO event held by the team and developers of CellBlocks. 
The ICO information you can note is as follows:
  • Symbol: CLBK
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total supply: 250,000,000 CLBK
  • Tokens for sale: 150,000,000 CLBK
  • Token Price: 0.1 USD
  • ICO Period: April 1, 2018 - June 10, 2018
  • Receive payment: BTC, ETH, LTC and Wire Transfer
  • Soft seal: 1,000,000 USD
  • Token distribution: Prior to June 30, 2018
  • Contribution page: https://cellblocks.io/

The team behind the Project

Jonas Brown
Jonas is a highly experienced fund manager with a focus on the crypto markets.

Naomi Rogers
COO, Co-founder
Naomi is an early backer of the ethereum project and a major advocate for Bitcoin in the Denver area.

Robert Tucker
Prison Communications
Robert is a 5 year veteran in the Florida State Prison System. Robert's misson is to help bring CellBlocks into the State Prisons.

Sukhen Bar
Sukhen is the CTO working on the infrastructure, database managment, security and design/coding of the CellBlocks network.

Maria Alfano CPA
Maria is a CPA and forensic accountant currently with Ernst and Young. Maria has years of experience in financial accounting and audits.

Shauncey Pusch
Director of Communication
Shauncey is in charge of communications for CellBlocks and manages all social media outlets along with press and media.


Q3 2017
CellBlocks acquires ConCoin for 3% tokens in CellBlocks.

Q4 2017
Letters from prisons, package mailing companies, and inmates start showing up in support.

Q1 2018
CellBlocks prepares for ICO.

Q4 2018
Pilot program is put in place.

Q3 2018
Inmate apps and interface will undergo further development.

Q2 2018
CellBlocks' ICO launches.

Q1 2019
CellBlocks is officially launch

Q1 2019 and Beyond
CellBlocks begins expansions to other prisons across the country

CellBlocks Useful Links

Note : I am not part of the team or developers. If you have any question, please jump over telegram discussion and feel free to read this disclaimer

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