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The latest way to study at the world's top universities

ODEM.IO ICO - Cara Terbaru Menempuh Pendidikan di Universitas Top Dunia

The latest way to study at the world's top universities
Some students who are educated at the university feel that the knowledge gained does not match expectations. The latest way of studying in the world's top universities has always been what students are looking for. Students who have a very high curiosity, always trying to enjoy college at top universities like Hardvard, Oxford, and so forth. But the obstacles faced by these students are, the university can not accept too many students, so forced millions of students in the world can only study at the local campus only. is the solution is a decentralized marketplace where educators from the world's top universities offer science and students purchase the knowledge. On the platform, anyone can register and publish unique educational books at a sensible price. In my opinion, this market will grow rapidly, because the educational needs of creative students in the world certainly not enough if only rely on local education. Plus, educators exist in the ecosystem is an expert educator in a particular field and some of them are from top global universities. implements blockchain technology to ensure that the ODEM platform is decentralized. Simply put, blockchain is a technology that can record and store data on publicly distributed ledgers. Data data stored on the blockchain, can not be changed by anyone, the funds will last forever. Blockchain technology is also applied to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies that serve to record the details of a transaction, including address, time, amount, and all of it can be monitored by the public. Blockchain technology is very useful to avoid the practice of fraud including corruption.

Ecosystems At

In a marketplace, must have an ecosystem involved in it. Here are some of the subjects involved in transactions taking place in

ODEM Platform

The ODEM platform will act as a balance regulator and apply certain parameters or criteria, as well as a platform for ecosystems to interact with each other. The ODEM platform plays an important role, as the ODEM Platform should continue to monitor the development of interactions that occur in ecosystems including transacting with Smart contracts.


Students  are those who need higher levels of educational services. This student is a buyer of services available in the marketplace. These services may be curriculum, lecture or course. Then for students who buy the curriculum, the student must send the results from the curriculum to the educator at ODEM. All types of payments made by students, will be easier because it uses ODEM Wallett


The educator is someone who has more free time to share his knowledge throughout the world. Most of these educators are lecturers or professors from the top universities in the world. So the interest of students will be higher if you know the specifications of educators in the ODEM marketplace. The task of the educator is to send the material needed by the students, it can be a course, curriculum and lecture. In addition, educators should also participate in curriculum bidding on ODEM. As a gift, an educator will get paid through ODEM Wallet.

ODEM Wallet and Crypto Exchange

ODEM Wallet is a wallet used by students and educators to save their money in order to facilitate transactions on the ODEM marketplace. The ease and flexibility of withdrawal will make the transactions experience more convenient. Shipping charges will not be charged to senders or recipients, or completely FREE. Also transaction security will be secured by Smart Contract implementation.

ODEM Token Sale

Token Sale is a method used by a platform for fundraising purposes by offering new tokens to the public, especially the cryptocurrency community. ODEM Token Sale requires investors to equip KYC (Know Your Customer) to complete data data by uploading documents such as ID Card, Dirver License or Passport.

For investors participating in ODEM Token Sale will have some advantages, which will be hastened to become members of the ODEM community, receive special discounts to enjoy the services provided by the ODEM platform and to sponsor students and educators, by reducing the burden of costs borne by both parties.

Some information about ODEM Token Sale

  • ODEM Token Sale Start: February 17, 2018
  • ODEM Token Sale End: March 19, 2018
  • Token Maker: ODEM SA
  • Token Symbol: ODEM
  • Maximum Supply: 396,969,697
  • Allocation of Token Sale & Pre Sale: 238,200,000
  • Token Type: ERC20 - Ethereum Blockchain
  • Accept: Ethereum
  • AML / KYC Requirements: Yes
  • ODEM Token Sale Price: 0.05 EUR equivalent in Ethereum
  • Country: Switzerland


ODEM is not a learning institution, but a marketplace that adapts to the needs of students as well as the ability of an educator to exchange information. ODEM is perfect for an active student and wants to continue to grow to the true world education standard.

Thanks to the blockchain that has helped make the ODEM platform more transparent and secure.

ODEM Token Sale Teams

ODEM.IO ICO - Cara Terbaru Menempuh Pendidikan di Universitas Top Dunia

ODEM.IO ICO - Cara Terbaru Menempuh Pendidikan di Universitas Top Dunia

ODEM.IO ICO - Cara Terbaru Menempuh Pendidikan di Universitas Top Dunia

Roadmap ODEM Project 

ODEM.IO ICO - Cara Terbaru Menempuh Pendidikan di Universitas Top Dunia

ODEM Token Sale Links

Note : Im not the part of teams or developers, if you want to ask something, feel free to join on telegram discussion.

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Secure Your Important Data on Blockchain by Using DIW Token

DIW Token Sale , DIW ICO Price - - Mengamankan Data Penting pada Blockchain menggunakan DIW Token
Secure important data on blockchain using DIW
More than a hundred people also, access the internet every day for various purposes. Social Media, business, transactions, education, work even call a taxi can be done using the internet. All we need to know is that all our data data that we type in a column on the website website, is important data that could be misused by others. Sensitive data such as account password, ATM PIN, Credit Card data and others may be freely published by someone who is not responsible. It's all because of a user error that can not Secure important data on blockchain.

Introducing DIW Platform

DIW (Digital Identification Wallet) is a blockchain based platform that helps you secure important data such as passwords, PINs, account data and all other valuable data by encrypting the data and then stored in a safe. The DIW platform uses blockchain technology, so that all running systems will be fully decentralized, meaning that no one is hiding the data except you. Data stored in a decentralized safe, encrypted to ensure security can only be accessed by the owner of the safe only. DIW can be an alternative for everyone, especially community cryptocurrency even ordinary individuals or organizations that have a virtual life that must be secured.

DIW will also develop and supply Hardware Wallet which will provide extra security for members who subscribe to premium members. Everyone who wants to ensure the most crucial, critical, sensitive and important data can be safely stored on DIW Network. As a member you can resume transactions between members, exchanging information - including sensitive data, and services. A smart contract-based escrow service will be displayed. Members can also register themselves to the DIW Global directory that reaches the entire network.

Blockchain is a digital technology that can record data and store it in a publicly distributed ledger. In the digital era like this, blockchain technology began to be adopted by various state institutions because it has the best transparency. All the data on the blockchain is very possible to run publicly. In addition, blockchain also has a high security system, so the data stored on the blockchain, can be sure the data is safe without being able to be hidden in secret. All data that has been entered in blockchain also can not be changed or manipulated and will be stored on the ledger distributed forever.

DIW Token and Token Sale / ICO

DIW Token is the official digital currency issued by the DIW platform that can be used to enjoy the services provided by the DIW platform. DIW Token type ERC20 produced from Smart Contract Ethereum network. DIW Token issued for sale to everyone who wants to support DIW platform to stand. DIW Tokens are also included in the DIW Platform ecosystem and play an important role, as DIW Token is used as the fuel of all users to enjoy the services available on the DIW platform.

DIW Token Sale / ICO

Token Sale or ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a fundraising event by selling new tokens or coins to raise capital to establish a platform or project. DIW Token Sale or DIW ICO means selling DIW Token to potential users or community of cryptocurrency who want to support DIW platform standing.

Some information that you can note about DIW Token Sale or DIW ICO is as follows:
  • Token Name: DIW
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 DIW
  • ICO Allocation: 700,000,000 DIW
  • Unsold Token: Burned
  • Minimum Purchase: 0.05 ETH
  • Whitelist: Visit for Whitelist registration
  • Crowdsale ICO Target: 76750 ETH
  • Token Price:

  1. First Phase: 1 DIW = 0.000085 ETH or equivalent to 0.115 USD
  2. Second Phase: 1 DIW = 0.000095 ETH or equivalent to 0.128 USD
  3. Phase Third: 1 DIW = 0.000105 ETH or equivalent to 0.141 USD
  4. Phase Four: 1 DIW = 0.000115 ETH or equivalent to 0.155 USD
  5. Phase Five: 1 DIW = 0.000120 ETH or equivalent to 0.161USD
  6. Phase Six: 1 DIW = 0.000125 ETH or equivalent to 0.169 USD

For more information, about the update of the ICO period, waiting for an announcement from the official website of DIW Platform, at

Services provided by DIW Platform

Some services that will be available to users and DIW Token holders are divided into five phases. And the first phase will start after DIW Token Sale or DIW ICO completed and successfully implemented

Secure Digital Vault

DIW Token Sale , DIW ICO Price - - Mengamankan Data Penting pada Blockchain menggunakan DIW TokenIn the first phase, DIW Platoform will provide a safe to users who want to secure their important data. This data can be a bank account, login account, private key, password, will, and other data that is a virtual wealth. So storage on this safe will guarantee that data can not be stolen by anyone. The data stored on the safe will also be encrypted for extra security and can only be accessed using a key that is owned only by the owner.
In addition to safely storing data, the DIW Platform also allows its use to enjoy the file sharing features of the safe. So users can exchange data with others as agreed.
For those who want to enjoy this feature, you must set up DIW Token as a fee, Document such as ID Card or Passport for KYC verification or agency documents to perform KYS.

Payment Gateway untuk Cryptocurrency dan FIAT

DIW Token Sale , DIW ICO Price - - Mengamankan Data Penting pada Blockchain menggunakan DIW TokenThis is the second phase, if Secure Digital Wallet has been successfully launched. DIW Platform will also facilitate the owners of Online Store to conduct transactions with consumers using cryptocurrency or FIAT. Payment Gateway will be used for website to make decentralized payments. Payment Gateway from DIW Platform will also be implemented in check out system on CMS like WordPress and Joomla.
This is the best, fastest, cheapest way to make transactions using cryptocurrency. With cryptocurrency, one will not have location restrictions to make transactions.

DIW Global Directory

DIW Token Sale , DIW ICO Price - - Mengamankan Data Penting pada Blockchain menggunakan DIW TokenThis is the third phase after the second phase successfully releases. DIW Global Directory is a new marketing strategy that can be used by individuals or organizations in marketing their products. With a valid rating system, the services, products and products that exist in DIW Global Directory will get the right target consumers. The rating system is believed to be a consumer consideration in purchasing a product, whether it is a service, a service or a physical product.
The rating system is not just for sellers, but all members will be given a rating column. So all members are required to verify KYC so that the data in circulation is valid data. The advantage of a rating system is that one of those who receives an order from a low-rating buyer can take consideration to refuse transactions for security. Conversely, users who receive orders with high ratings will be more confident in making transactions.

Paid Escrow 

DIW Token Sale , DIW ICO Price - - Mengamankan Data Penting pada Blockchain menggunakan DIW TokenThis is the fourth phase after the DIW Global Directory. Escrow is the most commonly used security service to transact on two persons or two agencies who lack trust in its counterparty. By using Smart Contract, then a transaction will be much safer, and transparent. The smart contract will perform an order if the pre-determined requirements are met. The advantage of using escrow-based Smart Contract is a very small fee, so as not to disrupt one's economy.

The Vision | Electronic Health Records

DIW Token Sale , DIW ICO Price - - Mengamankan Data Penting pada Blockchain menggunakan DIW Token
After the four phases above succeed, the last phase is EHRs. The purpose of establishing this service is to provide an encrypted storage to secure data of private data between users and validated laboratory data. Doctors, medical experts, pharmacists, and health professionals can insert their data on the DIW Platform and update the data periodically.

In an emergency, only the patient has the key to the stored data and also the doctor or organization working with that person who can open the safe.


DIW Platform is very useful for human survival in this digital era. All data security needs are indispensable in this era of blockchain. By following the phase phases that have been described by DIW Platform, there will certainly be five major update phases for the DIW platform. There's no reason to refuse to buy DIW Tokens. Keep in mind, DIW Tokens are decentralized, where there are no entities that regulate their circulation when it's released. If the DIW platform updates, then the price of the DIW token will be very high. And I think DIW Token price when ICO period is the cheapest price

Teams behind the Project

The team from DIW Token is a team from, very professional and a lot of experience in the world of Blockchain.
DIW Token Sale , DIW ICO Price - - Mengamankan Data Penting pada Blockchain menggunakan DIW Token
DIW Token Sale , DIW ICO Price - - Mengamankan Data Penting pada Blockchain menggunakan DIW Token
DIW Token Sale , DIW ICO Price - - Mengamankan Data Penting pada Blockchain menggunakan DIW Token
DIW Token Sale , DIW ICO Price - - Mengamankan Data Penting pada Blockchain menggunakan DIW Token

DIW Platform Roadmap

DIW Token Sale , DIW ICO Price - - Mengamankan Data Penting pada Blockchain menggunakan DIW Token

DIW Platform ICO Links

Note : Im not the part of the team or developer. If you have any question, feel free to ask it on telegram discussion.
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Essentia provides data distribution solutions

Essentia provides data distribution solutions

The development of the internet, making everyone has the center of attention to advanced technology is always developed by several scientists. The mindset of investors and online businesses is changing. Gold, coal or silver is no longer a source of wealth, but data is the source of true wealth. However, internet connoisseurs are not aware, that their data is a treasure trove for data collectors and data users.
Unconsciously, when we use the internet, our fingers and minds generate useful data for others. Strangely again, we do not control the data we share for free to all platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter and others. While our data is monetized by a centralized platform where we never get a cent profit. The absence of a reciprocal relationship, to the data owner, makes the user use fake data to surf. This is a bad impact of lack of motivation from data collectors.

Solutions :

Essentia is a decentralized data management that allows all data owners to interact with the internet in full control. Essentia is very easy to integrate in applications, websites and blockchain, so that all layers of technology will be covered with the services of Essentia. Data owners will also get reciprocity of incentives that can be used as a motivation in work in internet. Data owners will have full control over their data ownership, data usage control and for personal communication. I can say that Essentia is the latest win win solution that is very important to be adopted in the internet community life.
Essentia also uses Smart Contracts that can work like bridges to turn on or off the data chain link including events and operations. ESS-ID is a key component of Essentia that can be controlled using hardware-key that offers high level of security. The next Essentia security layer is data encryption, where the existing data in blockchain really only be known by the owner of the data. High security system and easy access will certainly be the facility with the best experience to be gained by users.

With the help of blockchain, Essentia introduces to society a sense of decentralization and true transparency. Blockchain is a distributed ledger that the public can directly monitor data stored in blockchain. Essentia uses blockchain to allow data owners to directly monitor the flow of their data chain. Data stored on blockchain is also immutable, meaning that everyone can not easily change the content of the stored data. And the nature of the blockchain is to permanently store data as long as the parties concerned do not give orders to delete their data.

Featurs from Essentia

Essentia provides several features that can be enjoyed by Essentia users. Among others are as follows


Essentia simplifies and simplifies your work to access your wallet, dApps and platforms with just one click. Essentia can also adjust to the current technological developments, so the system within the platform will continue to be updated.


High throughput enables Essentia to support millions of users simultaneously. Of course this is a convenience of the users in accessing the Essentia network for mass use, considering that many users are active at the same time.

Full Data Ownership

You will be able to control your data to get your power with Essentia. Full control is in your hands. Essentia allows you to choose to whom your data may be used and what your data may be used for. This is the most secure and easy data protection revolution with Essentia.

Multi-Chain and Multi-Device

Essentia supports multiple blockchain such as Blockchain from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more. And more exciting again, we can access Essentia through several devices such as IOT or CLI. Essentia will be easily accessible through hand and web pages.

All in One Seed

You only need to save the private key to access your data data in blockchain. Essentia will add to the user experience in accessing your own decentralized web. Private key is supplied as a key to open a safe containing your treasure.


Verification is required to comply with procedures in securing data in Essentia with KYC (Know Your Customer). This is taken to maintain the privacy of the data owner as well as secure user data.

Token and Token Sale Information

Essentia issued an official token named ESS Token. This token is a utility token that can be used to enjoy the services provided by the Essentia platform. Someone can give incentives or rewards to other users to be motivated. ESS Tokens can also be used as a reputation giver to someone, around their contribution or performance on the platform. That way, ESS Token is a key component of the Essentia platform.
Token Sale is a new token sales event to raise funds. Funds from Token Sale will be used as capital or fuel to develop and grow the project. Essentia Token Sale intends to give investors the opportunity to contribute to the establishment of the platform and grow the Essentia platform. The advantage of buying a token when the Official Token Sale period is, someone will get a cheaper price than usual.
Some information that you can record for the Essentia Token Sale event you can visit the official website of Essentia at

The teams behind

Essentia adalah sebuah manajemen data yang terdesentralisasi yang memungkinkan semua pemilik data dapat berinteraksi diinternet dengan kendali penuh
Essentia adalah sebuah manajemen data yang terdesentralisasi yang memungkinkan semua pemilik data dapat berinteraksi diinternet dengan kendali penuh
Essentia adalah sebuah manajemen data yang terdesentralisasi yang memungkinkan semua pemilik data dapat berinteraksi diinternet dengan kendali penuh
Essentia adalah sebuah manajemen data yang terdesentralisasi yang memungkinkan semua pemilik data dapat berinteraksi diinternet dengan kendali penuh
Essentia adalah sebuah manajemen data yang terdesentralisasi yang memungkinkan semua pemilik data dapat berinteraksi diinternet dengan kendali penuh

Essentia : Useful Links

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Organize Whatever Event You want With KickCity

Everyone who wants to hold an event, is eager for some audiences to join and share. The absence of a governing body for marketing strategies for such events, causes all event organizing committees to find it difficult to find audiences or audiences relevant to the theme of the event. Marketing strategy by relying on centralized companies like Facebook and Google, can not be relied upon anymore. Because, the target audience is not very accurate if an event is offered on a platform on the internet.

KickCity The solution

KickCity is a marketing platform by relying on viral strategies as a primary weapon to get audiences or guests in an event. Everyone can participate in helping distribute events that work with KickCity, then they are rewarded as incentives for their work. The number of unlimited supporters, allowing the number of targets to reach at its maximum. All supporters who contribute to promoting events that will take place will be rewarded with official tokens from the KickCity platform.
A platform that wants to hold events or events, just need to determine the amount of budget they want to allocate for marketing purposes. The total allocation will be made as the main pool that will be contested by some participants. The tasks assigned to participants may vary by expertise. For example, there is someone who has a great community about automotive, then events with automotive and machine themes are perfect for that person. Contribute to their assistance in spreading the news, will be rewarded with tokens that can be redeemed into ETH or BTC or maybe FIAT money. All activities that occur, can use the help Ethereum blockchain, the Smart Contract. Which is the work system of Smart Contract is very sophisticated. A command will be executed automatically when the specified requirements are met.
Thanks to today's technology, Blockchain, which has facilitated the performance of the system implemented by KickCity. Implementation of blockchain technology, enabling the financial circulatory system to be fully decentralized. KickCity allows everyone to access the details of money circulation and introduce to the public the true sense of transparency with Blockchain. Blockchain itself, can be likened to a ledger that has data transaction data that is permanent and immutable. Everyone can only see the transaction data in detail, but can not change it easily. Because the chain is one with the other, connected.

KickCity in detail

To apply some features and perfect services, KickCity will use some important elements to create convenience and convenience for KickCity users. Here is the content of the KickCity platform

Artificial Intellegence

Adoption of Artificial Intellegence or AI, allows KickCity to display user-generated content. With AI, the running system will be more accurate in performing command commands. AI also facilitate KickCity to know in detail the activities of users in working together to build trust through social media marketing. With AI, the KickCity platform can also minimize errors made by humans.

Mobile App and Website

Smart Phone users are very much, making the Smart Phone market user is a mandatory market for the dive. Even Indonesia, entered as the top 10 in the category of State with the highest Smart Phone User in the world. Now SmarPhone becomes a basic need of someone, as a supporter of everyday life.
KickCity provides Apps that can be accessed by Android and iOS users. Please visit for Android users to download the KickCity App and for you iOS users please download here

And for those of you who want to access KickCity platform via desktop computer to get more information about KickCity, you can visit 
Product Features offered by KickCity
  • Vendor Admin Panel
  • Analytics & Sales report
  • Registration
  • Widget for websites
  • FIAT & Bitcoin ticket processing
  • Event Page & Social APP
  • User Profile
  • Likes
  • Attendee List
  • Event Description and Contact
  • Event Video
  • Event Comment
  • Event Chat & Comment

Use of Blockchain

To become a decentralized platform, the implementation of Blockchain as a technology is very important. With the help of Blockchain, all financial transactions and data exchange will occur transparently and completely transparently. No fraud, no corruption, no cheats and nothing to hide.

Official Token and Token Sale Information

KickCity issues an official token as the primary internal currency that can be used as a means of payment. One can use the KCY token as a reward for marketing participants. While Token Sale is an event where a platform seeks support from the public or community cryptocurrency to raise funds through the sale of utility tokens. KickCity held a Token Sale event to get capital to grow the KickCity platform or refine this platform.

Here is KickCity Token Sale information that you can note:
Token Symbol : KCY
Total Suply : 250,000,000 KCY
160,000,000 KCY 160,000,000 KCY
Price 0.1 USD
Token Sale Period March, 01 2018 - March,31 2018
Accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum
Target 12,500,000 USD
Bonus Available
Minimum Purchase 50 USD
Contribution Page
Unsold Token will be burned!


Platforms that focus on Event Organizer are very rare. In fact, an event organizer has a large enough market. With the launch of KickCity, it is believed that all events that work with KickCity will be helpful and can run easily. KickCity will be the only event organizer that adopts blockchain technology as its flagship technology.

The team behind KickCity


  • Q4 2016 — KickCity App initial release
  • Q2 2017 — KickCity Event platform + initial revenue
  • Q3 2017 — Blockchain development and KickCity protocols
  • Q4 2017 — KickCity Protocol Demo and Use cases
  • Q1 2018 — Crowdsale “TGE” February 1st
  • Q3 2018 — More uses cases, More development, release of protocol API
  • Q4 2018 — Unicorn growth.

KickCity Links

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RepuX is the Solution for Decure Data Exchange

RepuX is the Solution for Decure Data Exchange

Growth and development of the internet cause the community was forced to adopt technology and the Internet in everyday life. From productive to consumptive, everyone uses the internet as a necessity of their lives. Interaction on the website page is a common thing and become their daily life. The public is happy to enter their name, address, mobile number, age, occupation, date of birth and other data data on the available form. And the data collectors, store this data as their digital assets. Lack of management for data owned by small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, making the data data almost useless. So, the data collectors of this type, think like garbage. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) need a solution for their data to be more useful.

Introducing RepuX

RepuX is a platform that enables Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to benefit from sharing data to technology developers. By using RepuX, a data collector, application developer and data user can redeem their data in available marketplaces. All data of immutable and protected data may be exchanged to other agencies to obtain RPX Token which is the official token of the RepuX Platform. By using some blockchain technology it is certain that the transaction data going on within the RepuX platform will be safer and anonymous. IPFS, Sia, Ethereum will be implemented on the RepuX platform as a decentralized data exchange support technology.
RepuX is Decentralized means that all transactions that occur will be more transparent and accessible publicly. No centralized agency can hide detailed details of existing transaction information. Thanks to some blockchain technologies that have helped to realize a truly decentralized system.
Blockchain is a distributed ledger where everybody in the world can see data stored in blockchain, which contains information about information. Blockchain is perfect for adoption in the financial system of an agency or government, because with Blockchain, all financial transactions will be recorded in detail and the information is immutable. Blockchain can be likened to a distributed ledger where data stored on a blockchain can not be changed easily.

Smart Contract Implementation

The crisis of confidence experienced by business people, often makes some people feel worried about the fraud that has occurred. Usually people are looking for a way to get the most secure method of doing transactions, for example using escrow. However, the current use of escrow, is very unfavorable. Some possibilities can still occur if there is no sense of vigilance between business people.
With Smart Contract, everyone who wants to transact through the RepuX platform can easily gain trust without having to recognize their business opponents. Bitcoin is present carrying blockchain technology. Then, a few years later, Ethereum developed this Blockchain technology to become a Smart Contract. Ethereum network is always in demand by investors because the features offered more complete and can be utilized by communities and individuals, as well as small institutions and large.
Smart Contract work system, which executes a command if some predefined conditions are met. The execution process will run automatically, so that Smart Contract users will be easier in operation. In addition, blockchain technology embedded in the Smart Contract service, making transaction data data will be recorded and stored on Ethereum Blockchain.

Usage Big Data RepuX

In today's era of globalization, valuable goods are no longer gold or minerals, but data are the most valuable currency source. Like Google, Facebook and Amazon are the current internet rulers, and they are great business databases. The owners of these three companies also become the ranks of 10 richest people in the world.
RepuX comes with monetizing data circulating on Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs), and bringing together data owned by data collectors with application developers. Some of the data functions that can be used by utilizing the RepuX platform are as follows


Advertising is a means of marketing a product to offer products and services or give orders to an audience to do something. With the data available, the ad target will be more accurate, effective and efficient. Ads can be used as a means of payment for free apps, so users do not need to spend money to enjoy the applications provided.

Online Content

In doing work such as designing, editing photos, editing documents or anything that might be someone's expertise, is a very good data. For example you can use Adobe Photoshop to edit photos, have you ever thought that the history of your step to do the editing can be useful for someone?
RepuX makes it easy for people to monetize data to be used by people in need. So create a harmonious ecosystem and all the data sharing that happens more useful.

E-Commerce and International Exchange

E-Commerce without the worry of fraud is a facility ideal for the online business. RepuX allows a transaction to be more secure using blockchain, Smart Contract and Escrow if needed. With the speed of transactions in seconds and low transaction costs, of course, will make it easier for someone to exchange data.

Official Token and Token Sale Information

To add ease in accessing content internally, RepuX releases an official token. This Token, can be used to enjoy the services provided by the RepuX platform and can also be exchanged with ETH or BTC when entering the exchanger. TokenSale is a fundraising event conducted by teams from related platforms to raise capital in shaping or growing a platform by selling utility tokens.

Some information on RepuX Token Sale is as follows
Parameter  Information
Token Symbol  RPX
Limited Supply 1,000,000,000 RPX
Platform Ethereum ERC20
Price (Pre-ICO) 0.10 USD
Price (ICO) 0.20 USD
Pre ICO Period 17 Nov 2017 - 5 March 2018
Accepted BTC, ETH, FIAT
Softcap 1,000,000 USD (already reached)
Hardcap 33,000,000 USD
Contribution Page

Team Behind the RepuX Project

The team is the most important component of a project. The team is in control of which direction a project or company will take. As a small example, a team led by Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos might be easier in achieving success. Because we know that Bill Gates has been successful with Microsoft and managed to become the richest man in the world for several years. And Jeff Bezos has also become the richest man in the world today with his Amazon.
RepuX is supported by the best team experienced in the world of data sharing, marketplace and cryptocurrency.


Marketplace for distributed data on Small and Medium Enterprises received less attention. In fact, the potential market that can be formed very good. With RepuX, all data markets will be covered and no waste is wasted. Because data is a valuable asset that can be used to control marketing strategies effectively and efficiently.

RepuX Helpful Links

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CellBlocks Improve the Economic System of Prisoners in Prison

CellBlocks Improve the Economic System of Prisoners in Prison

The traditional financial system still in place in some prisons in the US caused some detained inmates to feel less secure. There is no transparency between power holders and prisoners, causing families of inmates to incur some additional costs which we do not know where the money is used. The case of theft of money in custody often occurs, causing the prisoners to bear the loss and very rarely even there is no possibility of their money will be returned. This economic system requires a revolution to be fair and transparent in order to prevent the occurrence of current cheating fraud.

Introducing CellBlocks : The Solutions

CellBlocks is an alternative that can be used to replace the financial system in transactions that occur inside the prison, especially the inmates. CellBlocks enables prisoners to know their funds without being hidden by a centralized party. The token system is used in a transaction or financial system by inmates to increase trust with each other. In addition, with the implementation of blockchain, administrators can monitor directly against transactions that occur among prisoners in prison. This will make it easier for the government to know what the prisoners are doing in prison.

Internet progress, of course, can be utilized for the benefit of the prison system. One of them is the existence of e-Money or digital currency that allows a person to be able to conduct transactions over the internet. Wallet is used also of course could be a virtual wallet with a key or private key, which is sensitive data can be stored in secret by the user.

Blockchain is a technology that allows all transactions to be publicly accessible. Blockchain technology can be described as a distributed ledger that contains valid, immutable and permanent data. Everyone can only see the details of existing data, without any ability to change the data clandestinely. Details of transactions that can be monitored in the form of time, amount of funds, sender address and beneficiary address.

Interesting feature of CellBlocks

As a pioneer of transaction revolution on the financial system inside the prison, CellBlocks comes with several features that all users can take advantage of. Among others are as follows : 

Low Transaction Fees

In the current transaction system, a prisoner and related family, must pay a fee or higher transaction fee to a third party. This is certainly an advantage for third parties and harmful to the family and inmates.
With CellBlocks, a user can pay a fee or transaction fee cheaper than usual. A person is only charged a few cents for every transaction that occurs. CellBlocks run automatically, there will be no maintenance that interfere with the transactions of its users. That way, the admin from the prison does not need to monitor directly against transactions that occur.

Accurate Transaction Records

With blockchain technology, transactions that occur between inmates with each other will be accurately tracked based on existing data on the blockchain. All fund flows will be publicly accessible with reliable data validity. This transparency is very beneficial for everyone who needs accurate data about transactions that take place inside the prison. When a transaction occurs, then the history record data will be stored on the blockchain and each mask sender and receiver wallet.
Thanks to blockchain, which makes the financial system simpler and full of benefits for users.

Wallet ID for Inmates

Normally, the normal adress for a wallet contains random letters that are difficult to recognize, so managers find it difficult to differentiate the ownership status of one inmate wallet with another inmate wallet.
CellBlocks makes it easier for agencies or managers to distinguish one inmate's wallet by using IDs and easily recognizable code on each wallet address prefix. An example is 7807SQSP7uHyjj09YtrXL72xxxxx. Number 7807 can be used as the initials of an inmate's number, then SQSP can be used as the initials of the prison code and the code behind it is the wallet address code used to send and receive funds.

Giving Back Control to Prisoners

Full control is in the hands of inmates, with transparency that can be accountable, then all payments will be more easily monitored by the government. Transaction transactions can be a fee payment to the administrator or local manager. With blockchain, all inmates can also receive funds and send funds at the speed of transactions in seconds.
With this all-digital financial system, users can improve the accuracy of their remittances as well as keep their funds within a specified time. Users only need to secure their private key from other users to control the funds they save.


CellBlocks is a transaction revolution in the outdated financial system used in today's prisons. With the CellBlocks, one will get the benefits that can save their money and the flow of funds can be monitored publicly. Government control over the existing financial system in prisons will become more transparent. Any transaction action will be easier on the monitor with the adoption of CellBlocks in every prison in the US.

CellBlocks Official Token and ICO Information

CellBlocks issues a CLBK token as an official coin that can be used as a payment tool to transact on the CellBlocks platform. The limited supply, scarcity and of course as the project grows, the market demand for coins is increasing. To get CLBK Token, you can contribute as a supporter in the project by following the ICO event held by the team and developers of CellBlocks. 
The ICO information you can note is as follows:
  • Symbol: CLBK
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total supply: 250,000,000 CLBK
  • Tokens for sale: 150,000,000 CLBK
  • Token Price: 0.1 USD
  • ICO Period: April 1, 2018 - June 10, 2018
  • Receive payment: BTC, ETH, LTC and Wire Transfer
  • Soft seal: 1,000,000 USD
  • Token distribution: Prior to June 30, 2018
  • Contribution page:

The team behind the Project

Jonas Brown
Jonas is a highly experienced fund manager with a focus on the crypto markets.

Naomi Rogers
COO, Co-founder
Naomi is an early backer of the ethereum project and a major advocate for Bitcoin in the Denver area.

Robert Tucker
Prison Communications
Robert is a 5 year veteran in the Florida State Prison System. Robert's misson is to help bring CellBlocks into the State Prisons.

Sukhen Bar
Sukhen is the CTO working on the infrastructure, database managment, security and design/coding of the CellBlocks network.

Maria Alfano CPA
Maria is a CPA and forensic accountant currently with Ernst and Young. Maria has years of experience in financial accounting and audits.

Shauncey Pusch
Director of Communication
Shauncey is in charge of communications for CellBlocks and manages all social media outlets along with press and media.


Q3 2017
CellBlocks acquires ConCoin for 3% tokens in CellBlocks.

Q4 2017
Letters from prisons, package mailing companies, and inmates start showing up in support.

Q1 2018
CellBlocks prepares for ICO.

Q4 2018
Pilot program is put in place.

Q3 2018
Inmate apps and interface will undergo further development.

Q2 2018
CellBlocks' ICO launches.

Q1 2019
CellBlocks is officially launch

Q1 2019 and Beyond
CellBlocks begins expansions to other prisons across the country

CellBlocks Useful Links

Note : I am not part of the team or developers. If you have any question, please jump over telegram discussion and feel free to read this disclaimer

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Minggu, 04 Februari 2018

Bazista : Marketplace Allows Payments Using Cryptocurrency

If we remember the past 20 years, where the internet can only be accessed using a desktop computer, then in this 21st century our progress very rapidly. As if we want to look further what will happen in 2040. In this era , the internet can be accessed using a variety of electronic devices. As of today, Smart Phone users have dominated the data transmission on the internet with users who are quite fantastic. Android and iOS race to compete their consumers, with the advantages offered by each brand. Everyone is now very easy to access the internet through the grip. Even people, especially cryptocurrency communities, do not need to go outside to buy goods. They only need to visit the marketplace that allows payment using Cryptocurrency, then wait for the goods delivered by the courier.

Introducing Bazista

Bazista ICO Price - Marketplace memungkinkan pembayaran menggunakan Cryptocurrency
Bazista is the first B2C and C2C trading platform that empowers E-Commerce industry with digital assets that is cryptocurrency. The Bazista platform will grow the blockchain community infrastructure to drive commodity exchange wheels. Currently the internet users feel more interested in buying and selling business, rather than follow HYIP or Ponzi. People are already aware that a business formed on the basis of a valid reputation will be more lasting and more likely to advance. While cryptocurrency can be accepted as a means of payment in Bazista because it is very transparent. So, with the implementation of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, trusted Bazista platform will become a more trusted marketplace.
Bazista help you to advertise to sell something goods and also to buy goods. Implementation on a wide range of Operating System, enabling all devices support to be able to access Bazista through one touch. Device devices that become the main target of Bazista is Smart Phone especially Android and iOS and Desktop. Because now the development of Smart Phone is very rapid and even in Indonesia is included in the number of users of Smart Phone Top 10.
E-Commerce is the fastest growing business. The Internet becomes a catalyst, where everyone can be a seller without having to have goods. Very many Online Stores are implementing dropship system. Amazon's marketplace class does not have any items to sell, but Amazon brings together sellers around the world with buyers around the world through its platform. Evidently now the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world to shift the position of Bill Gates who is also a businessman internet E-Commerce is a business that most rapid development. The Internet becomes a catalyst, where everyone can be a seller without having to have goods. Very many Online Stores are implementing dropship system. Amazon's marketplace class does not have any items to sell, but Amazon brings together sellers around the world with buyers around the world through its platform. Proven now CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world to shift Bill Gates position which is also an internet business.

Advantage of using Bazista

In some existing marketplaces, transparency may be a major problem, as the platform is still centralized, so the trust between ecosystems is not yet strongly established.
Here are some advantages to be gained by the ecosystem if using Bazista platform.
Advantages For  Buyers

  • Payment in multiple Clicks. Convenience offered by Bazista that does not exist in other marketplace is, a buyer can choose the goods or services available in the Marketplace, then immediately buy the item without registering. People feel sick when he is required to register first, he just bought goods at a price that is not so expensive. If anyone wants to buy goods at Bazista, maybe they are more interested to register to facilitate each transaction. 
  • No Hidden Commissions. Using payments with Cryptocurrency, allows one to make transactions quickly, easily, securely and at low cost. If compared with FIAT currency, where we have to wait several days to send money abroad, complicated process and expensive transaction cost, very disturbing and hamper the rate of one's economy. By using Cryptocurrency, one can also get valid data about the details of an existing transaction. So that fraud can be prevented.
  • Use of Internal Token. BZS token holders allow to be able to directly purchase promotional items available at very crazy discounts, up to 70% of the original price. Of course this will be the main attraction for BZS token holders to keep it because the total BZS token supply is limited.
Advantages For Sellers
  • Even low commissions are Free. Commission or fees charged by Bazista are very cheap even the seller can enjoy free of charge when he save BZS Token. This advantage can be exploited by sellers around the world to still be able to get big profits.
  • Instant Payment. Cryptocurrency is instrumental in helping instant transactions. By using existing technology in cryptocurrency, Bazista platform becomes easier to verify or confirm payment. With cryptocurrency, you can also avoid some regulation.
  • Additional Marketing Tools. You will have no trouble selling items at Bazista marketplace. Here, you can charge additional fees to resellers who market your products. So your business will grow rapidly, and your income will be more due to the formation of a wide network.Additional Marketing Tools. You will have no trouble selling items at Bazista marketplace. Here, you can charge additional fees to resellers who market your products. So your business will grow rapidly, and your income will be more due to the formation of a wide network.

Business Model

Standard Commission
By charging low fees on every transaction that occurs, will allow the Bazista platform to keep growing and the ecosystem network widespread. The larger the ecosystem, the greater the income earned from transaction fees that occur.

Reserve Fund for platform

The Bazista platform will take 10% of total tokens to store. These funds will be used for some unannounced purposes.

BZS Token Storage
Someone who stores the BZS Token will get some profit, so people will race to buy BZS Token. The advantage gained is, the person can feel the fee free transaction, so that person can get more profit on every transaction that happened. The requirement to get Zero Fee transaction is that person must save as many as 48000 BZS Token.


A buyer will get the latest information about the product launched by the seller at Bazista marketplace. The subscription fee is based on the price determined by the Bazista platform.

Bazista Token & BZS ICO

Bazista issued a token official that can be used to obtain exclusive services available on the Bazista platform. The symbol of Bazista Token is BZS. BZS ICO is a fundraising event conducted by Bazista platform to raise capital to establish Marketplace Bazista. Some information you should know if you want to contribute in Bazista ICO to buy BZS Token is as follows
  • Token Symbol: BZS
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • Total Supply: 440,000,000 BZS
  • Allocation For ICO: 73% or equivalent to 321,200,000 BZS Token
  • BZS Token Price: 1 ETH = 11,000 BZS
  • Token Sale Period: January 8, 2018 - March 6, 2018
  • Softcap: 1,300,000 USD
  • Hardcap : 9,550,000 USD
  • Country : Russia
  • Contribution page:

Bazista Token Sale Links